Wafer Style Butterfly Valve TWT Made

TWT as leading valves manufacturer in Tianjin, China, provides quality valves since 1956 years till now. We have involved in valves industry almost 80+ years experiences; owned intelligent producing euqipment; Moreover, we are the industry pioneer in domestic as specializing in valves R&D and manufacturing. Above benefits make us to win the foreign customers and orders. Certainly, wafer type butterfly valve always the popular product to oversea market to match our customers demand, such as the market from East Europe, Middle-east, South Africa, Southeast Asia and North Amercia, etc.

A wafer style butterfly valve is a type of flow control device commonly used in industrial applications to regulate or isolate the flow of fluids. It is named “wafer style” due to its compact and thin design, resembling a wafer.

Some key details about wafer type butterfly valves:

  • Designed to be installed between two pipeline flanges or fittings.
  • Do not have integral flanges on the valve body.
  • Typically have a flat circular body with a central butterfly disc as the flow control element.
  • Available in various body materials like cast iron, ductile iron, aluminum, stainless steel.
  • The disc is usually a metal alloy and seals against a resilient liner in the body.
  • Actuation can be manual, pneumatic, or electric.
  • Often used for isolation rather than throttling purposes.
  • Bidirectional and suitable for flow regulation applications.
  • Come in sizes from 2-48 inches or larger.