F850&F855 Series Cast Steel Ball Valve

Temperature Range


Body Materials

Carbon steel

Size Range


Stem material

Stainless steel

Product Description

Product Parameters

Temperature Range -20℃~220℃
Size Range DN15~DN300
Body Materials Carbon steel
Stem material Stainless steel
Ball material Stainless steel
Sealing ring 15%GF+PTFE


Features and advantages

·Two-piece structure, carrying blowout prevention valve stem, full bore design, reducing fluid resistance.
·Stainless steel valve ball reduces the wear of parts and prolongs the service life. Teflon valve seat, adjustable packing nut.
·The two-piece structure is easy to maintain. The PTFE valve seat and PTFE packing rod can be repaired quickly after disassembling the bonnet assembly. Slight     valve seat wear can be repaired by disassembling the stack.
·Multiple solid bonnets, tapered PTFE stem seals or graphite packing
·Two-piece self-positioning packing flange and gland