Uniqueness of TWT Valve Ductile Iron Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves

Mar 26, 2024 | News

In the field of fluid control technology, TWT Valve Ductile Iron Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves have become a beacon of ingenuity and practicality. With creative U and LT configurations, these valves epitomize fluid handling excellence. TWT Valve has delved into engineering techniques to meet the demands of fluid control systems.

The double eccentric ductile iron butterfly valve stands as a ubiquitous fixture in numerous applications in the market. Crafted from resilient ductile iron renowned, this valve finds extensive utility across diverse sectors. From facilitating water supply and drainage systems to traversing chemical pipelines and regulating air conditioning systems, its adaptability knows no bounds.

ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valve

Features of Ductile Iron Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

  1. The structure design of double eccentric makes the valve have low resistance when switching, flexible operation and longer life.
  2. With excellent sealing performance, it can effectively prevent liquid leakage and ensure the safe operation of piping system.
  3. The industrial manufacturing process universally values features, such as straightforward operation and effortless maintenance. They are widely embraced across the board.


As the standard of living of society continues to rise, the double eccentric butterfly valve technology of ductile iron has gradually become the mainstream choice. In view of the excellent sealing and outstanding seismic properties exhibited by these valves, it has also gained vast usage in the industrial sector. Owing to their excellent stability, these valves have been widely acclaimed and have featured prominently in many engineering projects.

Types of ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valve

The development of numerous butterfly valve design concepts now includes a variety of new butterfly valves. They are based on ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valve technology. These designs cover a wide range of forms such as U type butterfly valves and Lt butterfly valves:

  • Due to the simple design concept of the U-shaped butterfly valve, it is particularly suitable in environments where the requirements for valves are relatively relaxed. It is widely used because of its high opening and closing torque and good sealing performance. It is not only easy to use, but also quite simple to maintain.
  • Due to its excellent sealing characteristics and higher level of control precision, the L-type butterfly valve is especially suitable for occasions with high requirements on the sealing performance of the valve. It composes of valve body, valve seat and seals, which are susceptible to leakage during actual use. Due to the large influence of medium pressure and temperature changes, thus require regular maintenance and replacement. In many industries such as chemical and petroleum, its performance is the key to achieving optimal function.

Within industrial manufacturing, whether it’s a ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valve, a U-shaped butterfly valve, or an L-shaped butterfly valve, each fulfills a crucial function. Serving as quintessential pressure regulating valves, they adjust flow rates and vacuum levels according to the medium. These valves are pivotal in regulating fluid flow within piping systems, ensuring the uninterrupted stability of the production process. Their straightforward design and simple installation not only minimize maintenance and replacement costs but also enhance production efficiency.

In summary, the ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valve holds significant promise across various industrial applications. Thanks to its evident advantages and consistently robust performance, which demand attention and recognition. At present, TWT Valve has a certain number of ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valve products. There are already many engineering enterprises that have used our products for valve installation and overhaul work, and achieved good results.