TWT Lug wafer butterfly valve as quality products in China

China wafer butterfly valve manufacturers and supplies quality lug wafer butterfly valve in bulk. So what is lug type wafer butterfly valves?

A lug wafer butterfly valve is a type of butterfly valve that combines the features of both a wafer-style and a lug-style butterfly valve. It is designed for applications where end connections are required for bolting the valve in place without the need for additional flanges.

Lugs have holes for bolts to pass through to connect the valve between two pipeline flanges.

  • Lug pads provide sufficient surface area for bolt torque to create a tight seal.
  • Lugs are shorter than a full flange, resulting in a lighter valve design.
  • Flange gaskets seat against the lugs to create the seal faces.
  • Valve body is typically made of cast iron, alloy steel or stainless steel.
  • Lug wafer design is more compact than double flanged valves.
  • Allows quick installation between pipe flanges without separate flange adapters.
  • Suitable for sizes 2” to 24” generally.
  • Used in applications like water, oil, gas, steam etc.