TWT Butterfly Valves Lug Type

TWT Valves manufacturer is leading manufacturer and supplier in China. Meanwhile, we have successively provided complete sets of valves products for major domestic and foreign projects:

  • East Water Diversion Project in Shenzhen,
  • South-to-North Water Diversion Project,
  • Left Bank Power Station of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, and Shanghai Qingcaosha.

TWT butterfly valves are main products from us to oversea market. Actually, butterfly valves offer reliable on/off shutoff and flow control in a compact, economical package. Their fast operation, low pressure drop, and variety of configurations make them a versatile choice across industries.

Wafer body butterfly valves VS. lug butterfly valves:

  • Design:
    Wafer-type butterfly valves have a compact and lightweight design
    Wafer Lug type butterfly valves have extended lugs or bolt holes on the valve body
  • Pressure Rating:
    Wafer-type valves have a lower pressure rating compared to lug-type valves
  • End Connections:
    Wafer-type valves have flanged ends
    Lug-type valves have threaded or bolted ends