Triple Funcations And Double Orifices Air Vents

TWT Valves is a prominent valve manufacturer and supplier headquartered in China. The company focuses on producing top-notch butterfly valves, which constitute a significant portion of their exports to global markets. There are two types of valves such as Double Orifices air vents and triple funcations air vents.

What difference between them?

A double orifice air valve and a triple function air vent are two different types of air valves used in fluid systems.

Double Orifice Air Valve:

  • Air Release: One orifice is dedicated to releasing trapped air or gas from the system, similar to other air relief valves.
  • Air Intake: The second orifice is used to admit air into the system when a vacuum or negative pressure occurs.

Triple Function Air Vent:

  • Air Release: Similar to other air relief valves, one function of the triple function air vent is to release trapped air or gas from the system.
  • Vacuum Relief: The second function is to relieve vacuum or negative pressure that may occur in the system.
  • Surge Protection: The third function of the triple function air vent is to provide surge protection.