High-standard Resilient Seated Gate Valve

A gate valve is a valve that controls the flow of fluid through a pipeline by using a gate or wedge mechanism to stop or allow flow.Resilient Seated Gate Valves have a rubber or elastomer seat which provides a tight seal against the gate when the valve is closed, preventing leakage through the valve.

A gate is usually a flat or wedge-shaped piece of metal placed perpendicular to the direction of fluid flow. When the gate is lowered, it stops the flow of fluid, and when the gate is raised, it allows fluid to flow through.

There are different standards for the production of resilient seated gate valves.:national standard gate valve, American standard gate valve, German standard gate valve, Japanese standard gate valve…BS5163  resilient seated gate valve is the British Standard specification for resilient seated gate valves for waterworks applications.

Underground gate valves are valves located underground to control the flow of fluids such as water, oil or natural gas. It is commonly used in municipal water systems, natural gas pipelines, and oil refineries.