Product Description

Product Nameunderground gate valve
Working PressurePn6 10 16 25 40;300psi,600bar
Transport PackageExport Standard
Production Capacity2600 PCS/Month
ApplicationIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage

Underground gate valves, cast iron gate valves, and industrial gate valves represent key components in fluid control systems, each tailored to meet specific operational requirements and environmental conditions. The relationship between these gate valve types is characterized by their complementary roles in fluid control applications. While underground gate valves secure the flow in buried pipelines, cast iron gate valves provide reliable shut-off in industrial processes, and industrial gate valves ensure precise flow control and safety in demanding environments.Among them, we mainly introduce underground gate valves.

An underground gate valve is a type of valve that is situated underground and is used to control the flow of fluids such as water, oil, or gas. It is commonly used in municipal water supply systems, natural gas pipelines, and oil refineries.

The gate valve produced by underground gate valve supplier gets its name from the gate-like mechanism that is used to control the flow of fluid. The gate is typically a flat or wedge-shaped piece of metal that is positioned perpendicular to the direction of the fluid flow. When the gate is lowered, it blocks the flow of fluid, and when it is raised, it allows fluid to flow through.

underground gate valve supplier

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