bs5163 gate valve pn16

Connection Form:Flange
Material:Ductile Iron

Product Description

Product Namebs5163 gate valve pn16
Seal SurfaceWedge Gate Valve
PressureOrdinary Pressure
Transport Package
Sea Worthy Plywood Cases
Thread Position of Valve RodInside Gate Valve
Production Capacity5000pieces/Month
ApplicationIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage

BS5163 is a British Standard specification for resilient-seated gate valves used for waterworks purposes. PN16 is a pressure rating that indicates the valve is designed to withstand a maximum pressure of 16 bar (232 psi) at a temperature range of -10°C to +80°C.

A gate valve is a type of valve that controls the flow of fluid through a pipeline by using a gate or wedge mechanism to either block or allow the flow. Resilient-seated gate valves have a rubber or elastomer seat that provides a tight seal against the gate when the valve is closed, preventing any leakage through the valve.

In the context of BS5163, a gate valve rated PN16 would have a flanged end connection and be suitable for use in waterworks applications with a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar. The valve body and gate would typically be made of cast iron or ductile iron, with a resilient seat made of EPDM rubber or a similar material.

Gate valves are commonly used in water supply and distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants, and other industrial applications where a reliable and maintenance-free valve is required. The bs5163 gate valve pn16 manufacturer standard ensures to this specification meet certain quality and performance requirements, and are suitable for use in waterworks applications.

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