Specifying Large Diameter Resilient Seat Gate Valves for Demanding Water Systems

Sep 26, 2023 | News

For water transmission and distribution systems, large diameter gate valves play a critical role regulating high pressure flow for treatment plants, pumping stations and critical pipeline junctions. Compared to metal seated designs, resilient seat gate valves offer superior flow control and longevity for municipal water service. Reviewing key gate valve specifications, performance standards, and materials ensures proper selection and installation to maximize service life.

Big Size Gate Valve Characteristics

  • Sizes from 16” to 72”+
  • Pressures up to 300 psi
  • Flanged or mechanical joint ends
  • Rising stem and handwheel actuators
  • Ductile iron, steel, or stainless steel bodies
  • Epoxy or fusion-bonded epoxy coatings
  • Bs5163 resilient seated gate valve and AWWA compliant models available

Proper materials and construction quality are essential in large valves.

Advantages of Resilient Seat Gate Valves

  • Tight sealing from elastomer channels vs metal-to-metal
  • Eliminates water hammer from flexing seats
  • Permits modulating flow control vs just on/off
  • Reduces corrosion and pitting compared to metal seats
  • Withstands high velocity without slamming shut
  • Lowers actuation torque for ease of operation

Resilient seats outperform metal designs for precise flow regulation.

Specifying the Optimal Large Diameter Gate Valve

  • Choose reputable manufacturers meeting key standards
  • Confirm pressure class and flow coefficients
  • Ensure compatible ends to mate with existing pipes
  • Include bypass assemblies for maintenance
  • Allow accessibility for inspection and repairs
  • Review local utility specifications and requirements

Taking care in selection prevents surprises during critical installations.

Engineered for Decades of Water Flow Control

Featuring oversized bodies, robust stems, and wear-resistant polymer seats, these gate valves handle immense pressures and velocities across years of demanding municipal service. Their superior sealing and precise flow control make them ideal for treatment plants, pressure reducing stations, reservoirs, and other vital system junctions. Correctly specified large diameter gate valves deliver the enduring flow regulation mission-critical water infrastructure relies upon.