ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valve

Here are some potential future trends and developments for ductile iron double eccentric butterfly valves:

Improved seals and coatings

New seal materials like thermoplastics and elastomers as well as protective coatings will improve durability and increase pressure/temperature capabilities.

Smarter position control

Integrated positioners, feedback sensors and communication protocols (e.g. HART) will enable more precise valve control and diagnostics.

Additive manufacturing

3D printing may allow more optimized flow passages and enable on-demand production of custom valve components.

Extended product life

Better selection of materials, coatings and lubricants can extend maintenance intervals and overall product life.

Compact modular designs

Smaller, lightweight double eccentric butterfly valve with modular components for flexibility. May enable new installation options.

Energy efficiency

Valve producers will continue optimizing designs to reduce torque requirements and pressure drops. Enables energy savings.

Industry-specific customization

Tailoring of materials, ratings, actuators, control features etc. for applications in water/wastewater, mining, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Smart monitoring

Inbuilt sensors and connectivity allowing for remote monitoring, diagnostics and predictive maintenance in real time.


Greater focus on sustainability in materials selection, manufacturing processes, packaging and lifetime value.

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