Victaulic Flange to Butterfly Valve

The flange end of the victaulic flange to butterfly valve makes it particularly suitable for a variety of industrial applications. These flange ends can be installed and removed easily because they can be bolted or studded to a mating flange on the pipe. The double flange configuration provides additional strength and stability, making it a safe and reliable choice for high pressure systems.

Product Description

Victaulic flange to butterfly valve is a valve type widely used in water treatment and large water supply systems. It has a unique design that can control the flow of liquid, gas or solid fluids. Victaulic flange to butterfly valves are widely used mainly because of their reliable quality, low maintenance costs, simple operation, and good flow regulation characteristics.

There are many optional materials for victaulic flange to butterfly valve, such as cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, etc. These materials can provide varying degrees of corrosion resistance and durability. Users can choose the most suitable material based on the actual working environment and the nature of the medium.

Victaulic flange to butterfly valves are commonly used in:
1.Water and Wastewater Treatment: For controlling the flow and isolation of water in treatment plants.
2.HVAC Systems: As a means to regulate air flow in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
3.Food and Beverage Industry: Due to their sanitary properties when made with appropriate materials.
4.Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Offering reliable performance in corrosive environments or when handling delicate substances.