Plunger Control Valve

  • Provides accurate and responsive adjustment.
  • Flow can be precisely controlled.
  • Versatility in handling a variety of fluids, including liquids, gases and vapors, under varying pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Plunger control valves feature fast response times and excellent throttling capabilities.

Product Description

Plunger control valves, alternatively referred to as piston valves, function based on the concept of utilizing a dynamic plunger or piston to regulate the flow area and manage the speed of fluid passage within the valve. Typically, the plunger is linked to a stem or actuator that empowers operators to modify the plunger’s placement inside the valve casing, consequently governing the flow velocity. This configuration facilitates meticulous fine-tuning of flow velocities ranging from maximum flow to total closure, providing exceptional mastery over fluid manipulation procedures.

Benefits of Plunger Control Valve

1. Precision Control: Plunger control valves provide precise regulation of flow rates and pressures, ensuring accurate control of fluid systems.

2. Versatility: Plunger control valves are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and configurations, making them suitable for diverse applications and industries.

3. Reliability: Plunger control valves are known for their robust construction, reliable operation, and long service life, even in demanding environments.

4. Safety: Plunger control valves help to maintain safe operating conditions by preventing overpressure or underpressure situations in fluid systems.

Product Features

1.The plunger valve-needle valve structure design is more reasonable
2.To eliminate the pressure more effectively
3.The plunger valve use more high-quality parts materials
4.The sealing for this plunger valve is more reliable
5.Fluid resistance is smaller
6.The plunger valve(needle valve) is more reliable work efficiency
7.Better eliminate cavitation
8.The plunger valve(needle valve) have more perfect regulation characteristics

Main Materials

YokeDuctile iron
Packing glandDuctile iron
Packing ringLubricated Bronze
BrushingLubricated Bronze
Sealing ringNBR/rubber
CoverDuctile iron
Cover cavityNBR
BodyDuctile iron/A216 WCB/CF8/CF8M
Sealing ringNBR
Sleeve sealing ringNBR
Body retainerSS304



1. Oil and Gas
2. Hydraulic Systems
3. Chemical Processing
4. Water Treatment:
5. Manufacturing