non rising stem gate valve DN100

Connection Form:Wafer Lug Flange
Material:Ci Di Ss

Product Description

Product Namenon rising stem gate valve DN100
Seal SurfaceSeal Surface
Valve BodyDuctile Iron
Transport PackageWooden Case
Work PressureLow Pressure (Pn<1.6mpa)
Production Capacity1000000
BonnetGray Irorn, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel
UsageIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage

A non-rising stem gate valve DN100 is a type of gate valve with a nominal diameter of 100 millimeters and a non-rising stem design. The non-rising stem gate valve is designed to control the flow of fluid through a pipeline by using a gate or wedge mechanism to either block or allow the flow.

The non-rising stem designed by non rising stem gate valve DN100 supplier means that the stem of the valve does not move up and down as the valve is opened or closed. Instead, the stem remains in a fixed position while the gate moves up and down to control the flow of fluid. This design is often preferred in applications where space is limited, as it requires less vertical clearance than a rising stem design.

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