Needle Valve

  • Control fluid flow with exceptional precision.
  • Needle valves provide linear flow characteristics, allowing for gradual adjustment of flow.
  • Ability to regulate flow in high and low pressure systems without compromising accuracy.
  • Needle valve has excellent throttling capabilities.

Product Description

At its essence, a needle valve comprises a slender, tapered needle that fits into a conically shaped seat. This design allows for precise adjustment of the flow rate by controlling the opening through which the fluid passes. By rotating the valve stem, operators can finely adjust the position of the needle, thereby regulating the flow of fluid with exceptional accuracy.

Product Parameters

can be divided in to fan coil type,cage type and special design(customizable)
such as 1.The porous cylinder
2.Conical adjusting type
3.Multi stage cage
4.Throttle ring

TWT plunger valve(needle valve) is good regulating valve

1.Proved by the practice of design
2.Can choose a wide range of sizes and pressure classes of these plunger valve
3.The outlet of the plunger valve can be designed in many forms
4.Mang kinds of materials combinations to be suitable for different conditions
5.Strong structure design and durable
6.The plunger valve(needle valve) suitable for a variety of different uses of the model
7.The valve body and axisymmetric flow streamline
8.Aaaembly operation gear and universal actuator
9.Low head loss


Needle Valve


Q1.Whether it is a factory?
A:yes we are valve manufacture since 1956  have more than 60 years valve production experience
Q2.Can i have any own customized product?
A:yes you are customized requirements for standard,size,colour,packing,nameplate,mark,etc
Q3.Do you provide samples?
A:yes we can provide the samples but do not pay the charge of freight
Q4.What’s your terms of payment?
A:30% in advance 70% balance before shipment
Q5.Is there any testing equipment
A:Yes, we have pressure testing equipment, and large-scale laboratories and non-destructive testing equipment