LGR4450 Series Angle Type Filter

Fluid medium

Water, Air, Steam (optional), Oil Or Other Liquid

Temperature Range


Pressure Ratings

Din Pn1.0mpa~pn4.0mpa Ansi 125lb~300lb


304 Stainless Steel

Product Description

Product Parameters

Fluid MediumWater, Air, Steam (optional), Oil Or Other Liquid
Pressure RatingsDin Pn1.0mpa~pn4.0mpa Ansi 125lb~300lb
Temperature Range≤80℃
Size RangeDn50~dn400
Connection StandardGb·ansi·din·iso·bs
Body MaterialsCast Iron;cast Steel
Bonnet MaterialCast Iron;cast Steel
Filter304 Stainless Steel
O-ringEpdm Rubber, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, Polytetrafluoroethylene Or Siliconized Resin


Features and advantages

The inner part of the valve outlet has a special guide device that can stabilize the flow to provide protection to the pump.

The opening size of the widened filter can effectively reduce the head loss and the flow resistance is close to zero, and the utility model has the advantages of simple and convenient cleaning function.

Equipped with double layer filter screen, after the pipeline cleaning, remove the outer filter can continue to use.

Depending on the installation position, the installation height can be set arbitrarily. The main drainage devices and measuring instruments can be installed horizontally or vertically.

After the pump flange space has been widened, convenient bolt riveting.