Product Description

Product Parameters

Fluid mediumWater, air, steam (optional), oil or other liquid
Pressure RatingsDIN PN1.6MPa~PN2.5MPa ANSI 150LB
Temperature Range-20℃~220℃
Connection standardBS·ISO·NPT
Body MaterialsStainless stee;Bronze
Filter304 stainless steel
Valve plate material304 stainless steel;Bronze;Teflon


Features and advantages

The valve plate is made of Teflon material, good sealing performance, easy to replace, and the service life of pipeline equivalent.

The filter uses a new type of concave double filter design to prevent backflow of sludge, and the installation location is not restricted, stainless steel filter area is three times the inlet diameter, small flow resistance, good corrosion resistance.

The new type of O resin has good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, DN15~25 can be easily removed without special tools, and can be selected according to different media.