Electric Butterfly Valve

  • Regulate fluid flow with precision, convenience and efficiency
  • Provides precise control in a variety of applications
  • Energy efficient and reliable
  • Provide seamless control and remote operation functions

Product Description

An electric butterfly valve consists of two primary components – a standard butterfly valve body and an electric actuator. The butterfly valve itself is characterized by a disc mounted on a rotating shaft that traverses the pipeline’s diameter. When the disc is rotated 90 degrees, it either fully opens or closes to regulate or stop the flow of fluids.

The electric actuator, which can be powered by AC or DC voltage, drives this rotation using a motor and gearing system. It receives signals from control systems to position the valve accurately according to the desired flow rate. The actuator can also be equipped with sensors and switches to provide feedback on valve position and operational status.

Working Principle

The Electric Butterfly Valve operates by using an electric actuator to control the position of the valve disc within the pipeline. The actuator receives electrical signals to move the disc to the desired position, allowing for precise adjustment of flow rates and pressure levels.


  • Electric Actuation: The stainless steel electric grooved butterfly valve is equipped with an electric actuator that allows for precise control of the valve position using electrical signals.
  • Precision Control: Electric actuators offer fine-tuned control over valve positioning, allowing for accurate regulation of fluid flow rates.
  • Position Feedback: Many Electric Butterfly Valves come with position feedback sensors that provide real-time information on the valve’s position, allowing operators to monitor and adjust settings accurately for optimal flow control.
  • Fail-Safe Options: Some 4 inch electric butterfly valve offer fail-safe options such as battery backups or manual override mechanisms to ensure operational continuity and safety in case of power outages or system failures.

Electric Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves include wafer butterfly valvelug butterfly valve,ggg50 butterfly valve


  1. Water and wastewater treatment
  2. HVAC systems
  3. Chemical processing
  4. Power generation
  5. Oil and gas