Number Of Discs Makes Difference In Water Check Valves

Water check valve is an automatic opening and closing valve that does not require manual operation or other actions. It relies on the flow of the pipeline medium itself to open or close the valve. It is mainly used to prevent the reverse flow control of the pipeline medium. It is also called reverse flow valve.

According to different structural forms, water check valves can be divided into three types: lift type, swing type and butterfly type. The swing type can be divided into single-disc type, double-disc type and multi-disc type.

Single-disc water check valves usually consist of a single disc, which is fixed on the valve cover. The valve is opened and closed by the rotation of the disc. The advantage of the single-disc water check valve is that it has a simple structure, is easy to maintain, and is suitable for pipeline systems with low flow rates and high pressures.

Water double door check valve(Double-disc check valves)  consists of two discs, which are fixed on the valve body and rotate to open and close the valve. Water double door check valve closes more completely and can prevent leaks more effectively. Moreover, water double door check valves are suitable for pipeline systems with high flow rates and high pressures.