New product and new improvement:you may need a triple eccentric butterfly valve

Oct 18, 2023 | News

The concentric valve is the original and most ordinary type of valves, its structure is characterised by the stem axis, the centre of the valve plate and the centre of the body being in the same position. The design of a concentric butterfly valve is simple and easy to manufacture. The butterfly plate and valve seat have killing disadvantages like extrusion, abrasion, high strength clearance, rapid wear. To overcome the squeezing, abrasion and sealing, the eccentric valve has appeared on the market.

A valve with the stem axis offset from the centre of the disc and the centre of the body at the same time and with the stem inclined instead of a seal is called a eccentric valve. This technology essentially solves the problem of leakage.

Eccentric butterfly valve has been upgraded and improved three times, each upgrade has solved part of the problem of leakage or high temperature resistance, at present the products of the three improvements are sold on the market, according to the number of times the eccentricity of the formation of different structures: single eccentric butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve and triple eccentric butterfly valve.

As the newest and most technically demanding eccentric butterfly valve on the market, the triple eccentric butterfly valve has not only been used in a large area, but also the market prospect is still widening. Next we will give you a detailed introduction to this new shooting star.

China triple offset butterfly valve

Triple eccentricity of butterfly valves

Aim of eccentricity

The traditional hard seal butterfly valve sealing performance is not guaranteed, the leakage is large, in order to change this status quo, hard seal butterfly valve after many reforms, the eccentric butterfly valve was born.After three eccentric treatments,triple eccentric butterfly valve is newly updated.

What is the three eccentric treatments

  • The first eccentricity is that the valve spindle is located behind the valve plate spindle, allowing the seal to contact the entire valve seat in a completely tight circle.
  • The second eccentricity is that the centre line of the valve spindle is offset from the centre line of the pipeline and the valve to avoid interference with the opening and closing of the valve.
  • The third eccentricity is that the cone axis of the valve seat deviates from the centre line of the valve axis, which can eliminate the friction in the process of closing and opening, and achieve the uniform and consistent compression sealing effect around the entire valve seat.

Results of the three eccentric treatments

The unique design of triple eccentric, so that the metal hard seal began to save more energy, the valve in the opening and closing, the butterfly plate in the process of rotation and the valve body, there is no friction between the valve, when the valve is closed, the transmission mechanism of the torque increases can provide a compensation seal, greatly improving the sealing performance of the three eccentric butterfly valves, and at the same time prolonged the service life of butterfly valves

Application and advantages of triple eccentric butterfly valve

Three eccentric butterfly valves, as the crystallisation of the latest technology of valves, will be more and more valued by the majority of users and designers by raising the length of various valves and avoiding the shortcomings of various valves. Its maximum pressure level can reach 2500 pounds, the standard calibre can be done 48 inches, and the clamp, lug, flange, ring, butt welding, jacket, a variety of structural lengths can be corresponded to, but also due to the large choice of materials, high and low temperatures, and a variety of acids, alkalis and other corrosive media can be corresponded to the free.

Especially in the large diameter, with its zero leakage advantage, in the shut-off valve, is constantly replacing the thick gate valve and ball valve, similarly, with its excellent control function, in the control valve, is also constantly replacing the bulky globe valve. As a matter of fact, they are used in various important pipelines such as process control in major industrial fields including oil and gas extraction, offshore platforms, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, inorganic chemicals, energy generation, etc., including China.

Features of China triple eccentric butterfly valve

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