China manufacturer provides reliable double flanged butterfly valves

Oct 17, 2023 | News

Flanges are mutual connectors between pipes and pipelines, used for the connection between the ends of pipelines, in which the periphery of the two planes are threaded and closed at the same time, generally known as “flanges”. Therefore, flange is also an important part of butterfly valve.

The design of the flanged butterfly valve is innovative, the overall size is small, lightweight; the butterfly plate of the flanged butterfly valve is double eccentric, fast opening and closing, easy to operate and energy saving.

The double flanged buttterfly valve is a control valve widely used in pipeline. It consists of two flanged joints equipped with a rotary gate valve. The main function of the double flanged butterfly valve is to regulate the fluid in the pipeline and maintain a constant flow within a specified range.

TWT from Tianjin,China would like to introduce double flanged butterfly valve to buyers,that will help you decide whether you need one or how to select an ideal double flanged butterfly vale.

Main features of the flanged butterfly valve

3/4 Gate Valves

  • The sealing member can be replaced and the seal is reliable for bi-directional sealing.
  • Simple and compact design, low operating torque, quick opening when turned 90°.
  • Flow characteristics tend towards a straight line, good control performance.
  • Small and light weight, easy disassembly and maintenance, can be installed in any position.
  • The the connection between the wedge valve plate and the valve stem is made without pins, which eliminates the possible internal leakage point.
  • The the outer ring of the gate valve plate adopts a spherical moulding, improving sealing performance and extending the life of the valve, while still maintaining zero leakage when the pressure is opened and closed more than 50,000 times.

Double flanged butterfly valves have benefits over ordinary ones in:

  • lSpace-saving: compared with other types of valves, double flange connection butterfly valve is small in size and compact in structure, which can save pipeline space and facilitate maintenance.
  • lStrong corrosion resistance: double flanged butterfly valve is made of stainless steel, carbon steel and other high-quality materials, the valve has good sealing, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • lEasy to operate: double flange connection butterfly valve can be manually, pneumatically, electrically and other ways to achieve switch control, easy to operate, convenient.
  • lSmall starting power: double flange connection butterfly valve requires small starting power in the start-up process, which can be controlled manually or electrically.
  • lWide applicability: double flange connection butterfly valve is suitable for water, gas, liquid and other media pipeline, involving a wide range of industries.

Where are double flange butterfly valves needed

The double flanged butterfly valve is widely used in the chemical, water treatment, heating, air conditioning, oil, power and other industries. In these industries, double flanged butterfly valves mainly have the functions of switching, regulating, flow control, etc.

Among these, double flanged butterfly valves are increasingly used in the water treatment industry. In waste water treatment, water treatment and other fields, double flanged butterfly valves are widely used for flow control, pressure control and other aspects.

Double flanged butterfly valves also come in various materials and sizes, which TWT, China will introduce to buyers below.

Ways to choose a double-ended butterfly valve

TWT, China recommends that buyers consider the following aspects when purchasing a double flanged butterfly valve:

  1. Choose different materials according to different application environments. For example, for double flange butterfly valves used in strong acidic and alkaline environments, materials with good corrosion resistance should be selected. 2.Select materials with good corrosion resistance.
  2. Select suitable specifications and models according to the actual need. Different specifications and models of double flange butterfly valves can withstand different pressures, flow rates and other parameters.
  3. Pay attention to the operating conditions of the double flanged butterfly valve. For example, special attention should be paid to the temperature, pressure, environment and other aspects to avoid failure due to the use of non-compliant environment.

There are some specific examples of material and application below for buyers to see:

Ductile cast iron

Applicable pressure : ≤4.0Mpa

Applicable temperature : -30~350℃

Applicable medium : Water/seawater/steam/air/gas

Carbon steel

Applicable pressure:  ≤32.0Mpa

Applicable temperature:  -29~425℃

Applicable medium: Non-corrosive applications, including water, oil and vapour

Grey cast iron

Applicable pressure : ≤1.6Mpa

Applicable temperature : -15~200℃

Applicable medium:  water/air/gas etc.

Stainless steel

Applicable temperature: -268~649℃

Applicable medium: Corrosive media / ultra-low temperature / high temperature corrosion-free

Copper alloy

Applicable temperature: -15~200℃

Applicable medium: Oxygen/seawater

Alloy steel

Applicable temperature: High pressure -30~593℃

Applicable medium: Non-corrosive applications, including water, oil and vapour

Advantages of China double flanged butterfly valve

China’s pipeline industry is very large and very developed, because of China’s vast territory, climate and terrain differences are huge, so both in the country’s water projects, municipal water resource management, or pipeline-related production industries are very much in demand for all kinds of valves.China’s production of valves is surly reliable.

As a leading Double Flange Butterfly Valve manufacturer in China, we TWT from Tianjin,China manufacture to meet the national standards and are highly satisfied by consumers all over the world.