Leading Manufacturer Of Valves Provide Plunger And Lift Check Valves

Lift check valves, also referred to as non-return valves or one-way valves.

Plunger valve, also known as piston valves, consist of a cylindrical or conical plug (plunger).

Differences Between Both Of Valves

Design and Operation: Plunger valves operate by linear motion. Lift check valves, on the other hand, utilize a vertically moving disc or piston-like element to open or close the flow path.

Flow Control: Plunger valves provide precise flow control due to their linear motion and ability to adjust the position of the plunger within the valve body. Lift check valves, on the other hand, primarily focus on preventing backflow and ensuring unidirectional flow.

Backflow Prevention: While plunger valves can be designed to prevent backflow, China lift check valve, however, are specifically designed to allow flow in one direction.