Double Flange Butterfly Valve By Reputed Manufacturer TWT

TWT leverages China’s manufacturing strengths to deliver well-engineered butterfly valves to international clients at competitive price points. Their growing overseas customer base is a testament to the quality and value TWT provides in its mainstay valve offering.

As reputed manufacturer and supplier of butterfly valve, we provide double flange butterfly valve. A double flange butterfly valve, also known as a double-flanged butterfly valve, is a type of butterfly valve that features flanges on both ends of the valve body. Certainly, our Large size double flange butterfly valve wins the customers praise.

  • The double flange design of the valve allows for straightforward installation and connection to the pipeline system.
  • The rotational operation of the disc enables quick opening and closing of the valve, facilitating fast response times and efficient flow control.
  • Double flange butterfly valves offer a streamlined flow path when fully open, resulting in low-pressure drop.