Common Double Flanged Butterfly Valves

May 19, 2023 | News

Double flange butterfly valves by double flange butterfly valve factory, feature additional flanges on both sides of the valve disc for secure mounting and installation. They represent an effective and economical option for a variety of flow regulation applications.

What is a China double flange butterfly valve?

A double flanged butterfly valve has two parallel flanges – one on either side of the disc – which allow the valve to be bolted between two pipe flanges. This offers a number of benefits over conventional butterfly valves with single-flange designs:

  1. Reduced stress – The double flange design helps distribute mounting loads more evenly, reducing stress concentrations.
  2. Secure installation – The double flanges provide a more rigid installation that is less prone to vibration.
  3. Easy maintenance – The double flange configuration allows the valve to be removed for maintenance without disturbing the pipeline.

How do double flanged butterfly valves work?

Like standard butterfly valves, double flanged butterfly valves have a disc that rotates within the valve body to regulate the flow of liquid or gas. The main difference is the addition of a second mating flange on the opposite side of the disc. When installed, the double flanges are bolted between two companion flanges in the pipeline.

Key benefits of China double flanged butterfly valve

  1. Secure and robust installation
  2. Reduced mechanical stress
  3. Simple and economical design
  4. Easy removal for maintenance or replacement
  5. Wide range of pressure and temperature capabilities

Applications of China double flanged butterfly valve

Double flanged butterfly valves see wide use in many medium to high pressure applications, including:

  1. Oil and gas pipelines
  2. Power plant piping systems
  3. Chemical plants
  4. Water and wastewater systems
  5. Pulp and paper mills
  6. Mining operations
  7. Food processing plants

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