Air Release Valves’ Material And Function

An air release valve is a valve on a turbocharged engine system that separates exhaust gases from the turbine. The separation of exhaust gases reduces the speed of the turbine and correspondingly reduces the speed of the compressor. The main function of the exhaust valve is to stabilize the propulsion pressure of the turbocharging system to protect the engine and turbocharger.

Air valves are used for exhausting pipes in independent heating systems, central heating systems, heating boilers, central air-conditioning, underfloor heating and solar heating systems.

Cast iron air valve is a good choice,no matter for we manufacturer,or for buyers.Cast iron has good wear resistance, high vibration damping, low notch sensitivity and excellent machinability, and its casting performance is better than steel.Therefore, cast iron air valves are lighter, more flexible and easier to maintain.

Combined air release valves are designed with positive pressure exhaust and negative pressure intake, with both exhaust and intake functions. Combined air release valves are widely used in the outlet of pumps or water supply and distribution pipelines, which is more suitable for a large number of pipeline air, in order to enhance the efficiency of water pipes and pumping machines.