You Can Find Both High Quality And Good Service From A China Check Valve Factory

Nov 6, 2023 | News

Check valve is widely used in the construction industry and other types of industries,where there is piping requirements.Check valve can effectively prevent the medium backflow, reduce the occurrence of accidents. Therefore, the check valve mainly plays a safety role.

Check valve,according to the weight of the flap and the pressure generated by the medium,prevents the backflow of the valve. The medium inside the pipeline, usually from the inlet end of the inflow, and then from the outlet end of the outflow, as long as the pressure of the inlet exceeds the weight of the valve flap plus the medium pressure, then the check valve will be opened, on the contrary, if the inlet pressure is smaller, the check valve will be closed.

Types of check valves include swing check valves and lift check valves, of which the swing check valves are mainly composed of valve body, bonnet, valve seat, valve flap, rocker, pin, bracket and other parts.

China swing check valves take up a large part of the safety check valve market,for that China is famous of safety control in the whole world.China swing check valves can be divided by valve structure:

  • single flap rotary check valve,
  • double flap rotary check valve,
  • multi-flap rotary check valve.

In this article, TWT,China will focus on Chian check valves, especially China swing check valves, and make some introductions for all buyers.

stainless steel check valve

Further information about China swing check valve types

Single flap rotary check valve: suitable for large and medium calibre, large calibre single flap rotary check valve mostly adopts slow closing structure. Reduce the medium water hammer phenomenon, DN50-DN600.

Double flap rotary check valve: suitable for large and medium calibre, double flap rotary check valve, the structure of the short length, light weight, can also be used in slow-closing structure.DN50-DN1200.

Multi-flap rotary check valve: suitable for low-pressure, very large calibre pipeline.DN800-DN1800.

In summary, the different types of swing check valves in the use of the difference mainly lies in the applicable pipeline’s calibre and pressure. Swing check valve, especially for high-pressure pipeline swing check valve manufacturing requirements must be higher in order to protect the safety of the pipeline system. You can be sure that a good China swing check valve factory is worth choosing,and TWT is a leading China swing check valve factory.


Main material for China check valves

Cast Iron

Cast iron is one of the most commonly used materials for check valves, offering high strength and corrosion resistance. The material is relatively inexpensive and is suitable for small to medium sized piping systems. The biggest advantage of cast iron check valve is the wide range of application, can be used in most media and temperature conditions.

Cast steel

Cast steel is another common material for China check valves. Compared with cast iron, cast steel has higher strength and better mechanical properties, more reliable in high pressure, high temperature, high viscosity and other conditions. But accordingly, the price of cast steel will be higher. Cast steel check valves are usually used in large pipeline systems, to withstand higher pressure and more demanding conditions.

Stainless steel

China stainless steel check valve has excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Compared with other materials, China stainless steel valves for water, acid and alkali and other corrosive media have a better ability to resist, so commonly used in medicine, food and other areas of the medium requires strict health and safety of the pipeline system.

No matter which material or type of China check valve you’d like to buy,a reliable China swing check valve factory is always your first choice.TWT,China specialize in producing all types and material of check valves,can offer to help buyers with selection.