Wafer Type Check Valve With Stainless Steel Materials

As a prominent valve manufacturer located in China, TWT Valves focuses on manufacturing top-tier butterfly valves. They export their expertly-crafted products globally. When it comes to valves, TWT strives for perfection. The company is dedicated to supplying customers with only the finest quality valves and exemplary support. Through meticulous production and an unwavering commitment to satisfaction, TWT Valves has become a trusted partner to valve buyers around the world. Wafer type check valves are thin, circular valves designed to be inserted between two pipeline flanges. This makes them easy to install and remove for maintenance. Using stainless steel check valve provides excellent corrosion resistance for a wide range of fluids including acids, caustics, and seawater. Common grades are 304 and 316L. Stainless steel wafer check valves maintain strength and performance at high temperatures up to around 800°F depending on the alloy.