Wafer Check Valves: A Handy, Compact Solution to Prevent Backflow

Jun 6, 2023 | News

Check valves are a type of one-way valve that allow fluid to flow in only one direction. Wafer check valves are a specific design of check valve where the valve body is flat, resembling a wafer, and fits between two flanges.

Discuss About Fluid Flow Systems By Wafer Check Valves

If you work with fluid flow systems of any kind, you’re likely familiar with check valves – simple one-way valves that allow fluid to flow in just one direction. But have you heard of wafer check valves?

Wafer check valves typically have a circular body with a cover and a swinging or lift-up disc that acts as the check mechanism. When fluid flow moves in the permitted direction, the disc moves out of the way. But when flow reverses, the disc seals against its seat and blocks reverse flow.

China axial flow check valve

Wafer Check Valves Are A Specialized Design

Wafer check valves are a specialized design with a flattened body that fits perfectly between two flanges. Because of their small, “wafer-thin” design, they take up much less space compared to standard check valves. Yet wafer checks still provide the crucial backflow prevention that check valves are known for.

How Wafer Check Valve Work?

Here’s how they work: The valve body has a disc inside that acts as the check mechanism. When fluid flows in the permitted direction, the disc lifts up and out of the way. However, when flow reverses, the disc seals tightly against its seat to block reverse flow.

The compact, flat design of wafer check valves makes them extremely convenient to install. All you have to do is remove a section of pipe, place the valve between the exposed flanges, and bolt the flanges back together. Wafer checks then fit seamlessly into your piping system, without requiring any elbows or tees. You can install them either horizontally or vertically.

Materials Of Wafer Check Valves

Materials vary by application but typically include cast iron, stainless steel, or carbon steel bodies with rubber, polymer, or PTFE discs. Wafer check valves are usually used in industrial processes that need to prevent backflow, like boiler feedwater lines, cooling systems, pump discharge lines, compressed air, and steam.