TWT Valve Liaoning Province General Agent Signing Ceremony Held

Sep 14, 2022 | News

March 23, 2021 Tianjin Tanggu TWT Valve Co., Ltd. Liaoning Province General Agent Signing Ceremony Held at Headquarters. This marks an important step forward for the TWT brand in expanding its industrial layout in the valve market. Fully implement the market layout of TWT’s new period strategy.

TWT Chairman Wang Kai attended the signing ceremony. Wang Kai signed an agent agreement with Zhuo Zong and Chen Zong of Liaoning Province. This signing is a useful attempt by TWT to establish a national sales channel, reflecting the popularity of TWT valve brand in the fields of water, chemical industry and construction.

The two sides aim at win-win cooperation and make positive contributions to the smooth development of the common cause based on the principles of frankness, mutual assistance and fairness!