TWT Supplies Eccentric Butterfly Valves With Triple Offset Design

Mar 16, 2024 | News

TWT, a reputed cast iron butterfly valve manufacturer and supplier from China. We manufacture and supply quality eccentric butterfly valves according to different sizes. Proudly, the size of eccentric ggg50 butterfly valve made by TWT, may range from 2.5 inch to 72 inch. Actually, it should depend on the demand from customer home and abroad. TWT Triple eccentric butterfly valves with many features and benefits to oversea market. Now, let us comprehend it.

Eccentric Butterfly Valves By TWT

Eccentric butterfly valves are a type of butterfly valve that incorporates an offset between the center of the disc and the center of the valve seat. This design feature provides several advantages over concentric butterfly valves.

Eccentric Butterfly Valves With Wide Range Of Dimensions

The size range of eccentric butterfly valve can vary depending on the manufacturer and specific valve design. Normally, minimum size from DN15 (1/2 inch) or DN20 (3/4 inch), maximum size is up to DN1200 (48 inches) or even larger DN1800 (72 inch). However, TWT provides quality eccentric type butterfly valve, size is from 2.5 inch up to 72 inches. Certainly, it should depend on buyers requirement. Please contact us for valve dimension you need.

Advantages of Eccentric Butterfly Valves

  1. Improved Sealing Performance:
  • The offset design creates a tighter seal between the disc and the valve seat, reducing the risk of leakage.
  • Eccentric butterfly valves are suitable for applications requiring high sealing integrity, such as vacuum systems or high-pressure applications.
  1. Reduced Wear and Tear:
  • The offset design minimizes contact between the disc and the valve seat, reducing wear and tear on the valve components.
  • This can extend the service life of the valve and reduce maintenance requirements.
  1. Lower Operating Torque:
  • The eccentric design reduces the torque required to operate the valve, making it easier to open and close.
  • This can be particularly beneficial in large-diameter valves or applications where manual operation is preferred.
  1. Better Flow Control:
  • The eccentric design provides more precise flow control compared to concentric butterfly valves.
  • This is because the offset disc creates a gradual change in the flow area as the valve is opened or closed.

Quality Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves With EN593 Standard

Triple eccentric butterfly valve is a specialized type of eccentric butterfly valve that incorporates three offsets:

  • Offset between the center of the disc and the center of the valve seat.
  • Offset between the center of the disc shaft and the center of the valve body.
  • Offset between the center of the disc shaft and the center of the disc.

These multiple offsets provide even greater sealing performance, reduced wear and tear, and improved flow control compared to standard eccentric butterfly valves. Aiming to triple design valve’s Materials, Normal diameter, End connection, we may satisfy customers demand according to own OEM and custom service.

TWT Multiple Offsets Design Eccentric Butterfly Valve Main Material:

TWT supplies quality valves with various materials uses such as ductile iron GGG40, GGG50, cast iron, WCB or stainless steel, etc.

GGG40 suitable for industrial piping systems:

GGG40 is commonly used in the production of valves and fittings. And It offers good strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

GGG50 ductile iron good choice for high-pressure systems:

GGG50 is with higher strength and hardness compared to GGG40. It provides improved resistance to wear and abrasion.

Cast iron for acidic and alkaline environments:

Cast iron is a ferrous alloy primarily composed of iron, carbon, and silicon. Additionally, it is known for its high strength, durability and good corrosion resistance.

WCB carbon steel saving cost:

WCB is a grade of carbon steel commonly used in valve manufacturing. It offers good strength and durability, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Stainless steel – food and beverages choice:

Stainless steel is a group of iron-based alloys that contain a minimum of 10.5% chromium. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for applications involving harsh chemicals or environments.

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves Offer Various End Connection Options:

Eccentric butterfly valves offer various end connection options to suit different piping systems and installation requirements. TWT may customized the end connections among Wafer, Lug, Flanged or BW.

Wafer-style triple eccentric butterfly valves:

It designed to be sandwiched between two pipe flanges. They have a compact design and require less space compared to other end connections.

Lug-type eccentric butterfly valves:

It feature lugs or projections on the valve body. These lugs are drilled with holes to accommodate bolts or studs for connecting the valve to the piping system. It is suitable for uses like easily to remove or replace valves.

Flanged eccentric butterfly valves:

It has integral flanges on the valve body. The flanges are drilled with holes to match the bolt pattern of the mating pipe flanges. Completely it is suitable for high-pressure uses.

Butt-weld eccentric butterfly valves:

They are designed to be permanently welded to the piping system. The valve ends are beveled to match the pipe’s beveled ends, and then welded together. Could be consider to high temperature applications.

Normal Diameter Of Triple Offset Eccentric Butterfly Valves:

TWT produce butterfly valves eccentric design are from 2, 2.5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, 48 to 72 inch (DN50 to DN1800) to match the most of buyers demand. Please refer the Size-TO-Applications Lists to choose proper valves:

  1. Small Size (2.5 inches and below):
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Chemical processing (small-scale)
  1. Medium Size (2.5 inches to 12 inches):
  • Water treatment plants
  • HVAC systems
  • Industrial piping systems
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Chemical processing
  • Power generation
  • Pulp and paper industry
  1. Large Size (12 inches to 72 inches):
  • Large-scale water treatment facilities
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Power plants
  • Chemical processing (large-scale)
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Mining operations
  • Marine applications