Reliable Flow Control for Critical Infrastructure

Dec 8, 2023 | News

As utilities transport life’s essentials, valve reliability proves mission-critical. LT butterfly valve engineers durable solutions maximizing uptime across demanding applications.

Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve

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Wafer-style valves sandwich securely between flanges for minimum space requirements. Ductile iron housing withstands abrasion and shock significantly better than alternatives. Enhanced corrosion resistance prolongs service life.

Resilient Seat Material

Proprietary rubber compounds mold perfectly within the disc, enhancing drip-tight shut-off without requiring precise machining or gaskets. Adaptability suits varied fluid chemistries.

Triple-Offset Butterfly Valve

LT employs an exclusive offset-arm design eliminating flow disturbances. Fewer pressure losses maximize energy efficiency across large pipelines. Smooth stems and seatings ensure repeatable tight shut-off.

Automated Actuation

Electric drives precisely regulate flow rates according to electronic signals. Controls interface with centralized SCADA for remote monitoring and operation. Manual override remains accessible.

Custom Engineering

From small pilot plant units to massive coastal inlet isolation, the in-house team develops application-specific solutions to exacting standards and budgets. Rigorous testing validates all prototypes.

Global Certifications

All valves undergo stringent MSS, API and AWWA evaluations, as relevant to intended service, ensuring dimensional accuracy and cycle life exceed strict industry benchmarks.

With innovations focusing efficiency, dependability and customizability, LT Valve supports critical national infrastructure worldwide through engineered flow control solutions. Commitment to quality drives progress.

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