China swing check valve

Swing check valves are widely used in various industries. Such as water supply, oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, etc. China swing check valve prevents backflow and protect equipment from damage. This type of valve works by allowing fluid to flow in one direction while preventing it from flowing back in the opposite direction. As leading China swing check valve manufacturer, we will tell you more about check valves as swing type.

Swing Check Valve With Detailed Information

A swing check valve is a check valve that uses a swinging disc to control fluid flow. The valve is composed of valve body, valve disc, hinge pin and valve seat. The body is the housing of the valve, while the disc is the movable part that swings on a hinge pin to allow or restrict the flow of fluid. The seat is the area where the disc contacts the body to form a seal.

How Does a Swing Check Valve Work?

When fluid flows through the swing check valve, the disc unscrews to allow the fluid to pass. Once the flow is stopped or reversed, the disc swings back to the closed position due to the pressure of the fluid or gravity. This action creates a seal against the seat, preventing backflow.

Main 3 Typs Of China Swing Check Valves

  1. Standard Swing Check Valve: This is the most common type of swing check valve in which the disc swings on a hinge pin to allow or restrict fluid flow.
  2. Dual-Plate Swing Check Valve: This type of valve has two plates that swing open and closed simultaneously, reducing the chance of slamming and increasing efficiency.
  3. Tilting plate swing check valve: This type of valve uses a swash plate to control the flow of fluid, which is more effective in preventing slamming and reducing wear.

China Swing Check Valves Apply In Many Industries

  1. Water Supply: Swing check valves are used in water supply systems. It prevents the backflow of contaminated water into the main supply.
  2. Oil and Gas: Swing types as also used in oil and gas pipelines to prevent the backflow of fluids that can cause damage to the equipment.
  3. Chemical and Petrochemical: Swing type check valves used in chemical and petrochemical industries. It may prevent backflow of dangerous chemicals. At the same time, protect equipment from corrosion.

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