SD900 Series Differential Pressure Bypass Valve Temperature Control Bypass Valve Vt315 Mechanical Differential Pressure Sensor

Fluid medium

Water, liquid

Size Range


Protection level


Disc material

Ductile iron;Stainless steel

Product Description

Product Parameters

Fluid mediumWater, liquid
Pressure RatingsDIN PN1.6MPa~PN2.5MPa
Temperature Range-10℃~120℃
Size RangeDN50~DN600
Power supply230VAC/24VAC
Location signalDC 0~0V DC 4~20mA
Electronic positioner4~20MA/0~10DC
Position feedback signalDC0~10 DC4~20mA
Protection levelIP64
Body MaterialsCast iron;Ductile iron
Stem materialStainless steel
Valve seat materialEPDM NBR
Disc materialDuctile iron;Stainless steel


Features and advantages

Scale range 8 to 60PS (up to 14Kpa 55)

Operating differential pressure PSI (Kpa), fixed bellows maximum overpressure 180PSIG (12Kpa)

Maximum allowable differential pressure 120PSI (830Kpa)

– electrical specifications 1 amps, 24V AC, 50/60HZ, single element SPD closed floating PENN switch

Face to face size in line with EN558-1, basic series 14

Corrosion resistant valve body, blue epoxy resin coating