Lug Type Butterfly Valve vs Wafer Type

The choice between lug type butterfly valves vs wafer type butterfly valves often hinges on the specific requirements of the application. Lug type valves are ideal when system servicing flexibility is a must, while wafer type valves are commonly selected for their streamlined design and cost-effectiveness, where disassembly of the system for valve service is not a frequent necessity.

Product Description

In the field of industrial fluid control, the connection and management of pipeline systems are crucial, and butterfly valves, as the core component in fluid control, play an extremely critical role. There are two main types of butterfly valves on the market: lug type butterfly valve vs wafer type butterfly valve .

First let’s look at the lug type butterfly valve. Its design feature is that ear-like protrusions extend symmetrically on both sides of the valve body (commonly known as “ear type”). This structural design not only provides strong connection strength, but also ensures the safety of pipeline connections. Strong and reliable. And because it is equipped with independent bolt holes, only one side of the pipe flange can be bolted during installation, which greatly facilitates maintenance and replacement without the need to disassemble the entire pipeline system.

In contrast, the wafer type butterfly valve is another popular choice. They are designed to be sandwiched between two flanges and tightened using bolts evenly spaced along the circumference of the entire flange. Although this design is simple and can save space, when maintenance or replacement is required, the entire pipeline system must be taken out of the system, which may be troublesome in some situations where the installation environment is restricted or the pipeline system is complex.

When choosing the right butterfly valve for your application, it is important to weigh various factors, including valve size, pressure level, fluid type, and expected maintenance frequency. Whether you choose a lug type butterfly valve or a wafer type butterfly valve, you should ensure that the specifications and performance of the selected valve can meet the system requirements. Our product catalog provides comprehensive dimensions of lug type vs wafer type butterfly valves to help you make a wise choice.