Float Needle Valve

  • It ensures accurate control of the liquid level in the tank or tanks.
  • Simplicity and reliability in level sensing and control applications.
  • Float needle valves offer robustness, cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance.
  • The float needle valve ensures the continuous and stable operation of the fluid system.
  • Helps process optimization.

Product Description

At its core, a float needle valve operates on a simple yet ingenious principle. It consists of a hollow needle attached to a buoyant float. As the liquid level rises or falls, the float moves correspondingly, adjusting the position of the needle within the valve seat. This movement regulates the flow of fluid, either allowing it to pass through or shutting it off entirely.

Mechanism and Working Principle

The functionality of a float needle valve hinges on the balance between buoyancy and gravitational forces acting on the float. When the liquid level rises, buoyancy lifts the float, causing the needle to retract from the valve seat, thereby allowing fluid to flow. Conversely, as the liquid level decreases, gravity pulls the float downward, pushing the needle into the valve seat to stop the flow.

Product Features

1.The plunger valve-needle valve structure design is more reasonable
2.To eliminate the pressure more effectively
3.The needle valve use more high-quality parts materials
4.The sealing for this plunger valve is more reliable
5.Fluid resistance is smaller
6.The needle valve is more reliable work efficiency
7.Better eliminate cavitation
8.The needle valve have more perfect regulation characteristics

Company Profile

Float Needle Valve

Our Advantages

  • More than 60 years of valve production experience
  • with advanced processing equipment
  • large testing laboratories
  • and sufficient raw material reserves