Flanged Concentric Butterfly Valve

Our flanged concentric butterfly valves are tailored to fit seamlessly into any piping system and are easy to operate and maintain. The concentric design features the disc centered along the valve axis, ensuring minimal wear and simple flow control.

Product Description

Precise construction, excellent performance – with its precision process design and superior functionality, our flanged concentric butterfly valve provides a convenient, practical and energy-efficient valve choice for various industries. Whether in commercial building water systems, industrial piping or fine chemical processes, this valve provides reliable flow control and long-term durability.

Product advantages:
1. Concentric structural accuracy: The concentric design of the pipe and valve plate ensures low torque operation and good fluid dynamic performance.
2. Durable material: Made of high-quality cast iron, stainless steel or other specific alloys to resist corrosion and extend service life.
3. Efficient sealing: Equipped with a high-performance rubber seat seal to achieve tight sealing, prevent media leakage, and maintain its sealing performance even after multiple cycles of use.
4. Compatible with a variety of media: suitable for water, oil, gas and corrosive media within a certain range, meeting the application needs of many occasions.
5. Easy installation: Flange connection design facilitates rapid installation and disassembly, reducing on-site operation time.

When you choose our flanged concentric butterfly valve, you will have a cost-effective and reliable valve; combined with our customization service and professional guidance, ensure the optimal fit of your system. Based on the forefront of the industry, we will continue to provide more advanced and precise fluid control solutions to global customers.