F570 Series Cast Steel Globe Valve

Size Range


Temperature Range


Body Materials

Carbon steel

Bonnet material

Carbon steel

Product Description

Product Parameters

Size RangeDN15~DN600
Temperature Range-25~450℃
Body MaterialsCarbon steel
Bonnet materialCarbon steel
Disc materialCarbon steel
Stem materialStainless steel
Hard surface material seat, API internals


Features and advantages

Weld the seat ring and the seat ring is sealed and welded to help eliminate the leakage passage.

The valve body is a casting, which can be subjected to greater stress at the critical point through the strengthening of the heavy steel.

The disc stem ring connects the disc to the stem so that the disc can be rotated, and helps to ensure that the seat is tightly sealed and operated without fault.

The stem has a long engagement with the yoke, which helps to align the seat seal accurately.