dual plates check valve

Material:Cast Steel
Driving Mode:Manual
Connection Form:Wafer Lug Flange

Product Description

Product Namedual plates check valve
FunctionDdcv Double Lobe, Nrvr Silence, Sfcv Rubber Lobe, Nrvz Silence, Nrvg Silence
Sealing FormMetal Seal
Transport Packageby Plywooden Case
Design PressurePn16
Production Capacity500tons/Month
ApplicationIndustrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage

A dual plate check valve is a type of check valve that is designed to regulate the flow of fluids in a pipeline and prevent backflow. It consists of two plates, or discs, that are hinged together and swing open to allow fluid to flow through the valve in one direction, and then swing closed to prevent backflow in the opposite direction.

The dual plate design allows for a more compact and lightweight valve than traditional swing check valves, which have a single disc. Dual plates check valve supplier also provides a more reliable seal, as the two discs work together to ensure a tight seal against the valve body when closed.

Dual plate check valves can be used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, water treatment, and power generation. They are typically made of materials such as cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, or carbon steel, depending on the specific application and the type of fluid being transported.

Some advantages of using a dual plate check valve include its compact size, low pressure drop, and reduced likelihood of water hammer. However, it is important to note that these valves may not be suitable for all applications, as they may not provide sufficient sealing for certain types of fluids or operating conditions.

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