Double Flanged Check Valve

TWT is a leading manufacturer of double flanged check valves for industrial applications. These valves are ideal for regulating fluid flow in piping systems where reliability is critical.

Made of ductile iron or stainless steel, TWT’s double flanged check valves can withstand temperatures from -25°C to 450°C. The flanged ends allow for easy installation between pipe flanges. This provides secure connections to withstand pressure fluctuations and vibrations in the pipeline.

An integral swing check ensures fluid only flows in one direction. It opens freely to allow smooth flow but seals tightly to prevent backflow. This unidirectional flow control protects machinery and processes from unexpected backpressures or contamination of supply lines.

Product Description


Product Parameters

Size RangeDN15~DN600
Temperature Range-25~450℃
Body MaterialsCarbon steel
Bonnet materialCarbon steel
Disc materialCarbon steel
Stem materialStainless steel
Hard surface material seat, API internals


Features and advantages

  • Rugged construction ensures safety in the appropriate pressure temperature range. Can provide flange and butt two connections.
  • The bonnet does not require removal of the valve from the line, allowing access to the maintenance hinge and disc.
  • The valve flap is closed by its own weight to prevent the backflow of the fluid to form a sufficiently large flow rate to avoid damaging impact.
  • Through the balance valve and the “wing” structure, the head loss (or head loss) is reduced to the minimum extent.
  • Shorter stroke, combined with the advantages of the balance valve, the valve closed more quickly, to minimize the impact of the phenomenon.
  • Because of the small gap on the pivot pin, a funnel tight seat seal can be achieved throughout the pressure range to ensure the integrity of the valve seat seal between the disc ring and the valve body.
  • As a well-known china check valve supplier, TWT company is the epitome of precision and reliability in the field of industrial valves. It provides various customized cutting-edge check valves, including cast steel check valve, axial flow check valve, wafer dual plate check valve, etc. Welcome to buy.

Company Profile

Our Advantages

• More than 60 years of valve production experience
• with advanced processing equipment
• large testing laboratories
• and sufficient raw material reserves


Q1.Whether it is a factory?
A:yes, we are China’s leading valve manufacturer and supplier with more than 60 years of valve production experience since 1956
Q2.Can i have any own customized product?
A:yes you are customized requirements for standard,size,colour,packing,nameplate,mark,etc
Q3.Do you provide samples?
A:yes we can provide the samples but do not pay the charge of freight
Q4.What’s your terms of payment?
A:30% in advance 70% balance before shipment
Q5.Is there any testing equipment
A:Yes, we have pressure testing equipment, and large-scale laboratories and non-destructive testing equipment