Overivew About Cast Iron Air Valves and Double Orifice Air Valves

Jun 9, 2023 | News

Air valves are an essential component of piping systems, used to release accumulated air during the filling process and allow air to re-enter during drainage. There are different types of air valves, and cast iron air valves with double orifice design are commonly used for large municipal and industrial applications.

Cast Iron Air Valves Feature So Many

Cast iron air valves have bodies made of fusible cast iron or ductile iron, making them durable and corrosion resistant. The cast iron construction allows them to withstand higher operating pressures and temperatures than plastic or bronze air valves.

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Double orifice air valves contain two separate orifices or openings – a large orifice and a small orifice. Each orifice has a specific function:

  • The large orifice quickly exhausts large volumes of air during pipeline filling, allowing for more efficient line charging.
  • The small orifice allows a small, controlled amount of air to enter the pipeline while it is draining to prevent formation of vacuum conditions.

Cast Iron, Double Orifice Air Valves Are Often Used In The Following Applications:

  • Water supply mains and distribution systems
  • Wastewater collection systems
  • Pump stations, lift stations and elevated tanks
  • Industrial process piping systems

Some Benefits Of Cast Iron, Double Orifice Air Valves Include:

  • Ability to handle higher pressures and temperatures than plastic or bronze air valves
  • Large orifice quickly exhausts air during line fillin
  • Small orifice precisely controls air admission during line drainage
  • Durable cast iron construction suitable for long service life in harsh environments