Optimizing Flow Control with Cast Iron Butterfly Valves

Sep 23, 2023 | News

Industrial processes demand durable, precise flow control valves to regulate slurries, liquids and gases. Cast iron butterfly valves answer the call with heavy-duty designs for long-term reliability in demanding applications.

Valve Styles

Traditional butterfly valves feature a central disc rotating 90-degrees within the valve body. Offset or eccentric butterfly valves position the disc off-center for installation in tight spaces with limited clearance. Valves comply with standards like AWWA, MSS, ISO, API and EN.

Materials & Construction

Cast and ductile iron housings withstand high pressure drops and temperatures from cryogenic to 750°F. Iron exhibits superior corrosion resistance versus plastic or brass for reactive chemicals. Precision-machined nickel aluminum bronze or stainless steel stems and discs minimize friction for smooth operation lifetimes in excess of millions of cycles.

Pressure Ratings

Standard valves range from 150-2500lb class for applications involving water, sewage, slurries and more. Specialty valves reach 6000lb for oil/gas pipelines. Higher ratings like ggg50 butterfly valve handles 50bar/725psi proving groundbreaking adaptability.

Linings & Coatings

Epoxy, polyurethane and other specialized linings chemically bond to castings, forming an impermeable barrier against corrosion. Fusion-bonded epoxy overlays enhance protection. Tungsten carbide or other surface hardening treatments drastically extend valve/seal lives in abrasive services.

Options & Configurations

Gear, electric or pneumatic actuators automate operation. Wafer, lug or grooved-end flange adapters promote versatile installation. Bypass and soft seats prevent fluid hammer. Fire-safety valves handle extreme thermal shocks. Signaling notifies automation systems.

Quality & Certifications

ISO 9001 ensures consistent manufacturing. API 6D validates pressure containment. Fugitive emissions testing proves zero process leaks maintained throughout valve lifespan. Markings communicate specifications to engineers with established global quality commitments.

In summary, empowered by robust cast construction and diligent engineering, industrial butterfly valves uphold reliability where flow control matters most through immense chemical, abrasion and pressure challenges, supporting indispensable operations safely for decades.