Guide To Flanged Butterfly Valves And Wafer Type

May 30, 2023 | News

Butterfly valves are rotary valves used to regulate or stop flow of liquids and gases. They come in two main designs: double flange and wafer.

Double Flanged Butterfly Valves

Double flange butterfly valves have a disc that rotates between two concentric flanges, providing tight control of flow rates. They are available in eccentric or concentric configurations. Eccentric valves feature an offset disc for higher flow rates and less pressure drop. They are ideal when minimal pressure loss is needed. Concentric valves have a centrally aligned disc. They provide an unobstructed flow path for smooth flow control, precise shutoff and frequent operation.

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Disc Connected To A Stem – Wafer Butterfly Valves

Wafer butterfly valves consist of a disc connected to a stem. When the stem turns, the disc rotates to control flow. They can operate manually or with actuators. When closed, the disc presses against the sealing surface for a tight seal that prevents fluid flow.

Both Of Eccentric Or Concentric Provide Controlling Flow Using A Rotating Valve Disc

Both valve types provide durable control of flow using a rotating disc. Double flange valves offer a robust design for high pressure applications. Butterfly valves are easy to maintain and operate smoothly with minimal torque.

Double flange butterfly valves, whether eccentric or concentric, provide a reliable means of controlling flow using a rotating valve disc within concentric flanges. The double flange construction ensures a tight seal and robust valve body that is suitable for high-pressure applications. These valves are easy to maintain and operate smoothly, requiring minimal actuating torque.

Assistance Selecting The Optimal Butterfly Valve

For assistance selecting the optimal butterfly valve for your application based on flow rates, media types, temperatures and pressures, contact us. Butterfly valves provide dependable flow control for many industrial processes.

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