Guide To Butterfly Valves – Double Flange Type And Wafer Butterfly

Apr 25, 2023 | News

Butterfly valves are rotary flow control valves used to regulate or stop the flow of liquids or gases. In double flange designs, the valve disc rotates between twin concentric flanges, providing optimal sealing and tight control of flow rates. Double flange butterfly valves are available in eccentric type and concentric configurations to suit your pipeline needs. Except double flange types, we also plan to discuss about Wafer butterfly valves. Today, let us read more about these designs below.

eccentric butterfly valve

Eccentric Type Double Flange Butterfly Valve

Eccentric type double flange butterfly valve features an offset disc design where the valve disc is offset from the center which allows for a larger flow passage. This design results in lower pressure drop and faster open/close movements. The eccentric valve disc reduces eddy currents and turbulence for efficient flow control. Eccentric butterfly valves are ideal when high flow rates or minimal pressure drops are required.

Eccentric Type Double Flange Butterfly Valve

Concentric double flange butterfly valve has a valve disc that rotates concentrically within the twin flanges. In the fully open position, this design provides an unobstructed flow path resulting in a smooth and laminar flow. Concentric butterfly valves are often utilized when precise control, tight shutoff or frequent valve operation is needed. The concentric valve disc provides a very efficient sealing surface for drip-tight shutoff. Concentric butterfly valves are suitable for low to moderate flow applications where a small pressure drop is acceptable.

Both eccentric and concentric double flange butterfly valves provide durable and reliable. They control of flow using a rotating valve disc within concentric flanges. The double flange construction results in an tight seal and robust valve body suitable for high-pressure applications. Butterfly valves are maintained easily and operate smoothly, requiring minimal actuating torque.

Wafer Butterfly Valve Made Up Of A Disc Connected To Stem

The wafer butterfly valve is made up of a disc that is connected to a stem. When the stem is turned, the disc rotates, allowing the flow of fluid to be controlled. The valve can be operated manually or with the use of an actuator. When the valve is closed, the disc is pressed against the sealing surface, creating a tight seal that prevents the flow of fluid.

Conclusion Of Kinds Of Butterfly Valves

For more information on available sizes, pressure ratings, materials and control options, contact us regarding your kinds of butterfly valves’ requirements. We can recommend the optimal solution for your application based on flow rates, media types, temperatures and system pressures. Butterfly valves provide dependable flow control for a wide range of industrial processes.