Guide To BS5163 Gate Valves For Industrial Applications

Jul 23, 2023 | News

BS5163 gate valve pn16 are widely used for fluid flow control in industrial piping systems. Manufactured according to British Standard BS5163, these gate valves offer reliable performance for applications across various industries.
• BS5163 covers specifications for 3-piece bolted bonnet, rising stem, solid wedge gate valves for steam, water and general services. Key components include a metal body, a wedge-shaped gate and a stem that opens and closes the gate. BS5163 valves are available with an oscillating or non-oscillating stem as per the standard.

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Common Types Of BS5163 Gate Valves

• Wedge Gate Valve: The most basic type with a wedge-shaped gate that opens and closes the valve by sliding vertically along sealing surfaces. These are suitable for low-medium pressure applications up to 600 psi.
• Double Eccentric Gate Valve: Features two off-centre discs that rotate to open and close the valve. They offer high durability and can handle higher pressures up to 2000 psi.
BS5163 Resilient Seated Gate Valve: Utilizes an elastomeric seal for leak-free operation and easy maintenance. Suitable for higher pressures up to 2500 psi and corrosive mediums.
• Pressure Seal Gate Valve: Employs an o-ring seal that functions without external pressure. Allows zero leakage and high sealing efficiency under high-pressure conditions.
• Anti-Static Gate Valve: Ideal for applications involving flammable liquids and gases. The antistatic components prevent build-up of electrostatic charges for increased safety.
• Cryogenic Gate Valve: Designed for extremely low temperatures using special materials like stainless steel and monel that withstand cryogenic services.

Key Features Of BS5163 Gate Valves

• Rugged Construction: Ductile iron, cast steel or stainless steel body capable of withstanding high pressures and mechanical stresses.
• Metal Seating: Pinned and bolted metal seats provide tight sealing at high differential pressures.
• Bolted Bonnet: Bonnet bolted to the main valve body for easy maintenance without disconnecting piping.
• Rising Stem: Provides mechanical advantage and easy handling of the valve especially at higher pressures.
• Anti-Static Design: Static conductive surface finishes prevent build-up of electrostatic charges inside the valve.
• Wide Range of End Connections: Flanged, threaded or welding ends as per ANSI, DIN or JIS standards.
• Tight Shut-off: Efficiency class VI as per BS5163 ensures zero leakage when the valve is fully closed.
• Certifications: Manufacturing complying with ISO 9001 for quality assurance.

Reputed Manufacturers Offer Reliable BS5163 Gate Valve

BS5163 gate valves from reputed manufacturers offer reliable and durable performance for industrial fluid control applications. Their rugged design, metal sealing surfaces and bolted bonnet construction ensure leak-free operation and long service life. BS5163 gate valves are available in different designs to suit wide-ranging operational requirements and industrial processes. Industries that commonly utilize BS5163 gate valves include power, oil & gas, mining, water treatment and chemical processing.