Flow Control Valves Comparing To Non Return Valve

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Flow Control Valves:

  1. Used to regulate and adjust the flow rate of liquids or gases in a system.
  2. Common types include ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves.
  3. Can be fully opened to fully closed to control flow. May have intermediate positions.
  4. Often used with a control mechanism like an actuated valve for automated flow adjustment.

Non-Return Valves (Check Valves):

  1. Used to allow flow in one direction only and prevent backflow.
  2. Common types include swing check valves, lift check valves.
  3. Have a moving component like a flapper or clapper that opens to allow flow but shuts mechanically during backflow.
  4. Fully open in forward flow direction, fully closed in reverse direction. No intermediate positions.
  5. Generally not used for flow regulation, only to prevent backflow/backpressure.

Key Differences:

  • Flow control valves regulate flow rate and can be partially closed. Non return valves only allow one-way flow.
  • Flow control valves can shut off flow fully. Non-return valves do not fully shut off but use a flapper to close.
  • Flow is adjusted with control/actuators in flow valves. Non-return valves do not use actuators, just mechanical closing.