Finding Out BS5163 Gate Valves and Large Size Gate Valves

Jun 15, 2023 | News

BS5163 is a British Standard that specifies requirements for metal seated or resilient seated gate, globe and check valves. BS5163 gate valves are manufactured as per defined material grades, pressure ratings and end connections.

BS5163 resilient seated gate valve

Resilient seated gate valves conforming to BS5163 are specifically designed to achieve a bubble-tight shut off with fluids containing solids in suspension. They feature a resilient seal ring made of polymer that provides flexibility and excellent sealing.

BS5163 resilient seated gate valves are available in pressure ratings from PN10 to PN25, covering nominal pipe sizes from DN15mm to DN1200mm. The valve body and bonnet are made of ductile iron, cast steel, spheroidal graphite iron or stainless steel.

These valves are mainly used for applications with dirty fluids containing solids in suspension such as sewage, turbid water, slurries etc. They provide easy opening-closing, long service life and quick maintenance.

BS5163 gate valve pn16

PN16 is one of the common pressure ratings of BS5163 gate valves. PN16 pressure rating (16 bar) means the valves are designed to withstand a maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

PN16 BS5163 gate valves are typically used for low to medium pressure applications in the water and wastewater industry. They feature different end connections like flanged, threaded or welded ends in nominal sizes from DN15 to DN1200 as per the standard.

The valve bodies are made of materials like ductile iron, cast steel or stainless steel based on corrosion resistance requirements. These valves provide bubble-tight shut off with dirty fluids while complying with BS specifications.

Big size gate valve

Large size gate valves with nominal pipe sizes above DN300mm up to DN1200mm are required for handling higher flow rates in large pipelines.

Big size BS5163 compliant gate valves are suitable for various applications like water treatment plants, pumping stations, power plants etc. Their resilient lining enables handling of dirty fluids without affecting valve performance.

Materials Used For Large Gate Valve Bodies

Materials used for large gate valve bodies include cast steel, spheroidal graphite iron or stainless steel for strength and durability. Flanged or welded end connections are common. Additional features like lower stem friction, anti-static designs etc. are often provided for reliable performance in critical applications.