Common Types Of Butterfly Valves

Dec 6, 2023 | News

Across waterworks projects, process flow control demands durable shut-off options for varied conditions. TWT Valve specializes in reliable designs optimizing maintenance accessibility and tight sealing.

U Type Butterfly Valve

extension stem butterfly valve manufacturer

Ideal for pipelines carrying raw slurries or sewage, TWT’s compact U type configuration wraps a one-piece disc body around the flow. Wafer and flanged ends secure directly between pipe flanges.

Lug-Type Butterfly Valve

Formed casing encloses the rotating disc, seated between extendable lug extensions for bolting between pipes or vessels. Convenient disassembly grants access without cutting pipe.

Double-Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Two offset disc shafts configure this specialized style to open and close tightly despite uneven erosive buildup on one side. Symmetric pressure distribution prevents binding.

Extension Stem Butterfly Valve

Remotely actuated valves feature replaceable extended stems allowing installation in deeper trenches or small pits without needing excavation. Convenient gearbox actuation ensures tight shut-off.

Triple-Offset Butterfly Valve

Dynamic discs eliminate interference between stem and housing for an ultra-smooth motion and drip-tight shut-off relevant to gas or liquid transfer applications. Fire-tested designs rated for critical services.

With proven performance across corrosive slurries, boiler feedwater, chemicals and beyond, TWT pn16 butterfly valve manufactures versatile choice for shut-off and throttling process flow with maximum dependability. Robust engineering withstands the most extreme industrial demands.