Butterfly Valves Are Constantly Being Updated And Developed Nowadays In China

Nov 7, 2023 | News

With the continuous development of industrial technology, valves as an important part of fluid control, its performance and safety has been greatly improved. Among them, lug type butterfly valve, as a new type of butterfly valve, has been widely used in many fields. In this article,TWT,China will introduce the structure, working principle, characteristics and application of lug type butterfly valve to help readers better understand and know this new type of valve.

Butterfly valve is a simple structure of the regulating valve, the main role is used to cut off the circulation of the medium in the pipeline, or to regulate the size of the medium flow in the pipeline. These are the two most important regulation needs of piping systems, so the China butterfly valve family has continued to develop and grow.


Structure and working principle of lug type butterfly valve

Lug type butterfly valve is a kind of valve composed of valve body, valve plate and lug. Its working principle is to use the lugs and the valve plate to achieve the opening and closing of the valve. When the lugs rotate, the valve plate will also rotate with it, thus changing the flow area of the valve opening to achieve the purpose of controlling the fluid flow.


Features of China Lug Type Butterfly Valve

1.High efficiency: the lug type butterfly valve has a fast opening and closing speed, which can quickly respond to changes in flow rate, thus improving productivity.

2.Energy saving: lug type butterfly valve has low flow resistance, which can reduce the pressure loss of fluid in the valve and reduce energy consumption.

  1. Reliability: Lug type butterfly valve has simple structure, long service life and high reliability.
  2. Safety: lug type butterfly valve has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent fluid leakage and ensure production safety.
  3. Convenient maintenance: the lug butterfly valve has fewer parts, which makes it easier to maintain and reduces the maintenance cost.

Three Eccentric Metal Hard Seal Butterfly Valve 1

Application of Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Although lug butterfly valve is a new type of valve, due to its excellent performance, especially that China lug butterfly valve factory,like TWT,China has made a big breakthrough in lug butterfly valve manufacturer in China, now lug butterfly valve is widely used in many fields:

  1. Petrochemical industry: In the petrochemical industry, fluid control is very important. Lug type butterfly valves are widely used in petrochemical plants, such as reactors, compressors and other equipment because of their good sealing performance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.
  2. water treatment industry: in the water treatment industry, lug type butterfly valve can withstand high water pressure, and has good corrosion resistance, is widely used in water treatment, sewage treatment and other links.
  3. Electric power industry: in the electric power industry, lug type butterfly valves are widely used in steam pipelines, water treatment systems and other equipment due to their high temperature and pressure resistance to ensure the safety and stability of power production.
  4. Food and Pharmaceutical Industry: In the food and pharmaceutical industry, lug type butterfly valves are widely used in dairy products, pharmaceutical and other production lines to ensure the quality and safety of the products due to its good hygiene performance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.
  5. Other fields: In addition to the above industries, lug type butterfly valves are also widely used in construction, metallurgy, textile and other fields, providing reliable fluid control solutions for industrial production.


Another new type of butterfly valve

In addition to the lug type butterfly valve, the use of another high-performance new type of butterfly valve is becoming more widespread: the triple offset butterfly valve.

TWT,China will introduce triple offset butterfly valve in detail in other articles,and we look forward to buyers’ constant attention