T60 F210 Series Stainless Steel Globe Valve

Zakres rozmiarów


Zakres temperatury


Materiały korpusu

Stainless stee

Materiał łodygi

Stal nierdzewna

Opis produktu

Parametry produktu

Zakres rozmiarówDN15~DN600
Zakres temperatury-25~450℃
Materiały korpusuStainless stee
Materiał łodygiStal nierdzewna
Disc materialStal nierdzewna
Materiał maskiStal nierdzewna
Convex surface, flange connection, solid top wedge, hard surface valve seat, Wewnętrzne elementy API


Funkcje i zalety

The valve body is made of castings, which can be subjected to greater stress at the critical point through the strengthening of heavy steel.

Can be flanged and butt welding ends, accord with the standard of ASME.

The disc stem ring connects the disc to the stem so that the disc can be rotated to ensure that the seat is tightly sealed and that there is no trouble to operate.