T300 Series Brass Bronze Stop Valve

Materiał maski


Pressure Level


Zakres temperatury


Zakres rozmiarów


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Parametry produktu

Zakres rozmiarówDN15~DN80
Zakres temperatury-20℃~180℃
Pressure LevelPN16PN20PN25
Materiały korpusuBrązowy;Brass
Materiał płytyForged brass;Brązowy
Materiał maskiBrass;Brązowy
Threaded cover, metal seat

Funkcje i zalety

Thicker wedge plate to avoid distortion in the maximum pressure differential environment, to ensure that the valve seat seal.

Each valve is subjected to a pressure test of the valve seat tightness, the valve housing and the packing integrity, including the cycle test for inspection of operating reliability.